Nandgokul Ghee is among best ghee company in India and has stolen people’s trust since 50 years. We are ISO certified and one of the leading desi ghee suppliers. We supply only best quality ghee (both buffalo ghee and cow ghee). Buffalo ghee is the most used in every household. It is very healthy for all age groups of people and has less cholesterol content. Cow ghee, being very auspicious is mostly used for devotional purpose. Nandgokul ghee stands for its pure and premium quality. The sweets and puddings prepared with Nandgokul ghee are more delicious than any other added sugars.




Nandgokul ghee comes in different packings. To make it available for every small purpose we started to supply it in packets of 5ml, 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml. Our original products can be easily identified with the marks of AGMark and holograms. Our ghee is available is jars as well as pouches.


Our ghee is prepared in natural and very old traditional ways . We make it in a homely and hygienic environment with utmost care to get its great taste and fragrance.


We also cater ghee in large quantities for any events at your place. We work with a mission to become best ghee company in India to supply AGMARK quality ghee and make it best ghee brand ever.